About Radical Designs

Founded in 2004, Radical Designs is a full service web development group focused on the needs of non-profit and grassroots social change organizations. We are a worker-owned and managed cooperative.

We provide strategic on-line campaign consulting, web design and web application development, and create and leverage open-source applications.

Our members are social justice activists and organizers who offer web services to our clients protecting natural resources and human health, ensuring quality of life for the working class, fighting white supremacy and the prison industrial complex, and keeping the pressure on the US government’s failed foreign policy.

Our Unifying Principles:

  • As a cooperative we acknowledge that our structure is political. We strive to enact and model our principles and vision through that structure.
  • Everything we produce and all the technologies that we develop for our clients are open source; open source and free software are central to our ethos.
  • We maintain solidarity with struggles that uphold collective liberation and cooperation. The projects we take on are devoted to struggles and movements that are rooted in racial, gender, disability, economic, and environmental justice; trans and queer liberation; fair labor; education; anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism.

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