Suzi Grishpul, Executive Director

Suzi has been with RD since 2007. She is passionate about working with and lending her nerdy know-how to grassroots organizations working towards a more just, sustainable, and all-around awesome world. When not working, she volunteers with Points of Distribution, promoting harm reduction and public health all over the Bay Area. In her free time Suzi enjoys hosting dinner parties and craft nights, and subverting the dominant paradigm.

Sara McCutcheon, Programmer / Support Manager

Sara fell in love with computers at the tender age of six and majored in computer science and math. She is passionate about helping others, whether it be through closing every help ticket - a Radical Designs first - or her volunteer work at a SF Bay Area crisis center. In her spare time, Sara translates Japanese comic books and music, plays cello, and wrote and maintains the world's largest floriography database.

Kristin Snelling, Art Director / Information Scientist

Kristin's skill set blends both design and development. She has a B.A. in Art History, an in-progress Master's in Library and Information Science, and has spent over a decade tinkering with web projects. Kristin also does technology work for the Oakland Holdout, where she is a bookstore collective member. She loves clear plastic boxes with printed labels, categorization, cleaning products and knitting.

William Gillis, Web Developer / Physicist

William comes from a long background of social justice struggle. Born to radical activist parents he's been organizing in various roles since, at age 13, taking part of in the Direct Action Network's N30 protests against the WTO in Seattle. His academic background and first passion is in physics as an on-and-off-again grad student, specifically both in cosmology and high energy theory.

Dennison Williams, Computer Worker

Dennison contributes to Radical Designs with programming, systems administration, and database administration.  He is actively involved in providing technical support to radical communities, creating and deploying secure mapping and communications infrastructure, and working on transformation justice projects.

Lucia Haet, Operations Manager

Lucia joined us as our operations manager when she answered the call to change the world with awesome accounting and organizational skills.  Her life has been personally affected by social justice issues from the beginning.  Growing up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, afforded her a stark look at social stratification from an early age.  Aware of how financial success and educational opportunities are intimately intertwined in an exclusive and self-perpetuating cycle, she directs her time and talent towards supporting social change agents, ranging from schools to non-profits to urban gardening organizations. She finds business administration satisfying work and loves orchestrating all the systems, policies and procedures that support the greater good.  When she isnít working, she enjoys gardening, biking and mixing it up!