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Degree Gap

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For the past 3 years, the state has tread water in terms of closing the degree gap. A degree gap is bad for the economy, our citizenry, and the state as a whole.

Texas Education Scorecard

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The capacity of Texas schools to prepare students for college varies significantly by community. The Texas Education Scorecard uses the most recent data available on the key milestones in a student’s journey through the “education pipeline,” from their first days in school to higher education.

Resource Sharing Project

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The Resource Sharing Project is part of a national movement of sexual violence-related services and resources. Work to end sexual violence and support survivors happens at the local, state and national level in the U.S.

Solidarity Economy Map and Directory

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The solidarity economy is grounded in principles of solidarity, equity, sustainability, participatory democracy and pluralism (meaning it’s not a one-size-fits-all model). Practices that the solidarity economy embraces include worker, consumer, producer, and housing cooperatives; fair trade, community land trusts; credit unions; social currencies; participatory budgeting; collective childcare, community gardening, community supported agriculture/seafood, and the commons… Read more »


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The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture is a national non-profit organization that educates, inspires and empowers young people to become activists for social justice. Committed to social, political, cultural, environmental and economic justice, Speak Out encourages critical and imaginative thinking about domestic and international issues through artistic and educational forums nationwide.

Fostering Relationships

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Fostering Relationships illustrates the effects of trauma and offers practices that promote growth and healthy relationships.

Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment

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Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment believes in the power of informed community involvement. Our mission is to support grassroots initiatives to inspire community action to protect the environment, consumers and public health.

Women at the Center

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Women at the Center connects the dots between women’s reproductive health and rights, and a sustainable future for families and communities.

Teamsters 856

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Teamsters 856 is a growing union of more than 8,000 working people throughout Northern California standing together for economic progress and fairness on the job.


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A project of Next10, Compare50.org allows users to display trends on how one state’s economy has performed over time, compared with other states, and to the United States as a whole.