Radical Designs is committed to a project development process that focuses on evaluating and identifying your project’s goals and requirements before beginning implementation work. Working together to create a complete picture of your project and its goals makes the implementation process smoother and faster, with fewer false starts or sharp turns.

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The phases of our process are as follows:


We will work with you to develop a Scope Outline containing the following elements, or build on the work you’ve already started:

Audience Definitions and Pathways – Identify all of the audiences of your website including the content they are looking for, the online engagement goal your organization has for each audience, and your audience navigation pathways and priorities.

Global Sitemap – Define the global navigation for the site including main structural sections, core content pages, and ways that content will be cross linked and posted. This of course can change as your site grows.

Design Element Specifications/ Wireframes – Outline the different elements that will need to appear on different layouts of the site (home page, internal pages, etc). The functionality of these elements will be described and have ranked according to user priorities and pathways.

Custom Features – A technical specification for all custom development on the site including forms, custom navigation, plugin integration and customization, third-party tool integration, and any other specialized application development.

At the end of the discovery process we will provide you with a final estimate for the project and help you prioritize the features that we have identified so that the project can stay within your organizational budget.


An iterative process through which our staff designer works with you directly, guided by your discovery process and organizational assets, to develop a design schema for your site that is within your budget.

We begin with rounds of feedback on color palettes, fonts, and stylistic elements that compliment any existing organizational design elements or branding. We then develop your full design through rounds of examples and feedback. For mobile responsive design, HTML/CSS mockup design templates are built into a theme of the chosen CMS for your site for feedback.

Web Development

Based on our Discovery process, we’ll evaluate your project’s needs and goals and recommend a suitable tool for your project. For content management, we recommend WordPress or Drupal. These open source Content Management Systems will give you all the tools you need to publish and maintain your website.

wp_420WordPress – the leading open source blog software, and a powerful tool for building simple websites. WordPress is highly documented and supported and has a simple-to-use administrative interface. For a complete list of WordPress features please visit


dr_420Drupal – a powerful, flexible open source tool for building complex, content and participation driven sites. Its active developer community provides extensive plugins that make Drupal the swiss army of CMS’.  For a complete list of Drupal features please visit


Content Migration

If you have a current website that has content that you want to move to your new website we will work with you to port that content into the new CMS. If your site is database-driven, we can write scripts that will move all content over. If you have a static website (made of HTML files), we can hand-transfer all content that you wish to move based on the site inventory document. We will do our best to make sure that links to old pages, images, and documents will continue to work in your new system. If possible, we maintain SEO URLs.

Hosting & Support


All hosting options include:

  • Basic server maintenance and 24×7 monitoring
  • optional generic secure certificate
  • CMS upgrades (WordPress core and security patches, Drupal security patches only)
  • Nightly system backups (file and database)



Shared Hosting

Includes up to 0.5 hours of support per month. Backups are stored for 14 days.

Dedicated Hosting, 1 server

Includes the initial setup and migration to a new server, Backups are stored for 90 days.

Dedicated Hosting, multiple servers

Same as above. Additional servers may be desired for site optimization, or for isolating files from database. We can help you determine what server infrastructure is best for your site. The cost of each additional server that is part of the infrastructure is about ~$40-$50/mo.


Via our ticket system ([email protected]) and/or pre-determined project management platform (e.g BaseCamp).

Our basic ‘Shared Hosting’ option includes up to 30 min of support per month. If you need more regular monthly support, we offer discounted bulk hours packages.

Select the number of allotted support hours that works best for you. If you find that you’re not using all of the hours we’ve set aside for you, or you’re consistently going over, we’re happy to adjust your contract to reflect a more suitable quantity.

More details on our hosting and support can be found in your contract. If you are a prospective client, please contact us for a sample contract.

Please contact Contact Sales for pricing information.